Your New Organized Space is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

 Here’s where you’ll find more info on our design process!



before and after of an unorganized space (left) and organized space (right) using our design process

Step 1: Free In-Home Consultation

Your new organized space begins with a free in-home design consultation. We’ll talk about your ideas, requirements, and budget, and we’ll show you examples of what’s possible. We’re your partner in designing a space that’s not only convenient and stylish but also makes it easy to stay organized in your daily life. Your consultation is free and there’s no obligation. We love the process of helping you re-imagine what’s possible!




blue prints of closets and shelving

Step 2: Design, Approval, and Ordering

Our skilled designers will measure your space and craft a tailor-made design that suits your budget and needs perfectly. With our AI-driven design software you’ll see a variety of options. Of course the best part is all yours – picking out your dream closet! You have full control over the design, and the freedom to make changes and see prices immediately.

Once you give your approval we order all the materials for you. Your custom pieces will arrive in 4 to 6 weeks. We proudly use high-quality materials sourced from North America.




custom walk-in closet design with our design process.

Step 3: Prep and Installation

The last step in our design process. Get ready for installation day by emptying your space, taking out old shelves, filling any holes or painting/touch-ups. If you need a hand with these tasks, don’t worry – we offer preparation services to get your space ready. Great preparation lets our team start with a clean slate to realize your vision.

When the big day arrives, our experienced installers will carry out the work efficiently and professionally. We have years of expertise in construction, and we’ve earned our reputation by completing your vision with exceptionally built results.



And that’s it! See the possibilities and imagine your newly ordered and clutter-free space by scheduling your free in-home consultation today!